Thank you for considering this app as a guideline for your future blends and dives. It has been developed primarily for my own usage - design and calculations are mainly what I need when planning dives.

You are very welcome to e-mail me at feedback at gasblender dot dk to give feedback and suggest new features.

  • Blending made easy

    Have few input fields, few buttons and numeric keypad for fast and easy use - blending calculations made easy.

  • Preferences

    Preferences where you can set ppo2, END, and minimum and maximum values for the continuous blending station. Supports both Metric and Imperial values.

  • Calculations

    Tabs for calculating Best Mix and MOD for both Nitrox and Trimix, recutting tanks with Nitrox and Trimix.

  • Future versions

    In the process of completly rewriting the app and fixing some calculations with high % gastypes and making better programming structures. ETA is currently in 2018

  • GasBlender
  • GasBlender
  • GasBlender
  • GasBlender
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Please take notice
Calculations made by this app must be considered guidelines, they should always be cross-checked with your own calculations. The developer of this app takes no responsibility whatsoever for miscalculations and/or textual errors.